The Board and Representatives

The Board formulates the Centre’s scientific vision, provides management services to the Centre and ensures its economic well-being.

Besides the Board, there is a community of national representatives who maintain communication with the respective countries. At the moment, the Centre has representatives in the following countries:

We thank our previous team members for all their effort and input:
Julia Bispinck-Rossbacher, Cristina Carsote, Nina Hesselberg-Wang, Maja Kostadinovska, Agata Lipińska, Zeljko Mladicevic, Kathleen Mühlen, Anne Nadolny, Zoë Reid, Karin Scheper, Femke Segers, Petra Vávrová.

Why become a representative of ERC and what are the requirements?

Requirements: Work to be done:

Emanuel Wenger webmaster and MuLiBiNe
Oleg Philippov, Moscow, translations and proofreading Russian and English
All the work is done voluntarily.