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Conservation Update – Publication of the ERC
ISSN 2663-0125

Conservation Update is the new name for the periodical of the European Research Centre for Book and Paper Conservation – Restoration. It replaces the ERC Newsletter. It will continue to publish recent activities connected with projects of the Centre, articles which will be subject to double-blind peer review, and upcoming events of the Centre as well conservation events worldwide. It will be published twice per year, in April and November and has a new ISSN number.

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ERC Newsletter

ISSN 2225-7853 Key title: ERC newsletter - double blind peer reviewed 
ERC Newsletter publishes latest research results in the field of book and paper conservation-restoration, in terms of both theoretical and applied research. The newsletter is subject to double-blind peer review and has an ISSN Number. ERC Newsletter is a publicly accessible free publication, and this policy is meant to foster the safeguarding of written heritage in the best possible way.The Newsletter comes out twice a year, in spring and autumn. It also informs the reader about the latest research done in the European Research Centre for Book and Paper Conservation-Restoration (EU and other projects) and the upcoming events such as international conferences or university courses organized by the European Research Centre for Book and Paper Conservation-Restoration.

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Peer board des Newsletters:Juri Ivanovish Aristov (Physical Chemistry) RU, Marina Bicchieri (Chemistry) I; Jane Coleburn (Conservation) GB; Christa Hofmann (Conservation) A; Erni Pilch Karrer (Conservation) A; Viviana Nicoletti (Conservation) I; Erich Renhart (Theology, Syriology) A; Ursula Schädler Saub (History of Art) D; Karin Scheper (Conservation) NL; Spiros Zervos (Chemistry) GR

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