MuLiBiNe is a multilingual bibliography network running a database composed of lists of contents and abstracts as published in periodicals focused on topics related to restoration/conservation of cultural heritage items (books and graphic art objects); as such, it collects information from officially approved and publicly accessible sources.

Every MuLiBiNe entry is composed of full quotation, keywords and abstracts in any of the database's 28 languages. This means that the user may search for a keyword in one of the 28 languages and gets quotation of papers to which the keyword relates, no matter in which language the keyword was written originally.

An example: in case the user enters 'ink' in the search engine, they will get information about all articles in which 'ink' (English), 'Tinte' (German word for ink), 'atrament' (Polish word for ink), 'inchiostro' (Italian word for ink) etc. was originally used.

This is one of the projects of the EUROPEAN Research Centre for Book and Paper Conservation-Restoration to bridge language barriers in Europe and to

  • support practical conservation with latest research results by a Europe-wide consultation of what was done so far to be applied for the well-being of the cultural heritage items
  • avoid duplication of research by providing a cross-language search engine to discover any papers published on the particular subject and getting an overview of the available results at the initial phase of a new research project.

At the moment the MuLiBiNe Team browses about 100 relevant publications worldwide (please see list below). We encourage users to alert us to titles of other relevant periodicals that may be missing from the list.

MuLiBiNe Team

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