Our History

2023 ERC presentation.

Strategy from its start to future


The „European Research Centre for Book and Paper Conservation-Restoration“ is an international interdisciplinary bottom-up initiative for research into the particular areas requiring accumulation of deeper knowledge about methods of appropriate and timely preservation of written and graphic heritage and bringing them from labs to users in an optimal way.
In view of the above, the key aims of the Centre are

2. THE BEGINNINGS (2010-2017)

2.1. Planning

In 2011, the Centre’s own first international conference with more than 150 participants and speakers from 50 European countries, USA, Japan, India and Australia defined the most demanding research topics of the Centre. The three big problems, which destroy 80% of Europe’s written heritage:

Disaster protection and first response in case of disaster was perceived as an important subordinate activity of the Centre right from the beginning

Dissemination of research results was also performed right from the beginning in a way that was found suitable by the community (one-week courses delivered by experts in very special areas, with the first such course delivered for one week after the initial conference).

Thus, the above areas comprehensively cover (1) research, (2) dissemination of research results.

2.2 Implementation


By now the dissemination of materials is based on the results of the Centre’s own research in the following forms:

Further offers for the community:

The “excellent quality for low cost” policy of the Centre is only possible due to the professional work of over 50 conservators, historians, scientists, and other related to heritage preservation experts on a voluntary basis.

The Centre’s day-to-day operations are run by